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What are the objects – both tangible and intangible – that make home, Home?

After discussions in class, I came to the conclusion that as a person who has moved houses multiple times, I find my home in trains. I spent a large amount of my childhood waiting for the next house my parents would pack and move to.

My final output after a week, was this small illustrated booklet, in which I wrote a poem (dedicated to my mother, who embodies 'home' to me.)

In the booklet I have used typographic elements of my native language as well as doodles to add flavour to the main text.

Guide: Poulomi Das

Main text (The Trains I took):


I remember autumns

orange leaves on the ground

the washing area where

we would wash ourselves

along with the clothes


then came the train

and it took me along

sleeping on your lap

on a half ticket


I remember springs

big gardens with bigger trees

my friend, Mr. sprinkler system

my adventures in play school

fancy dress contests

my box of crayons


then came the train

and it took me along

me sleeping with you

because I still fit


I remember winters

foggy school mornings

too many layers of clothing

crushes on boys

fighting with you


then came the train

and it took me along

you came too

just to see me off


Here in the summers

I lie in my blanket

I imagine it smells of you

even when it stops to

I'm too big for my bed


there will come a train

and it will take me back

to you, Maa

wherever you are

in all our holidays,

we'll still sleep together

and I'll be safe.


- Aaryama Somayaji

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